Norwegian food- what I eat in Norway!

On this journey, if I don't talk about Norwegian food then I will be lying to myself because people who know me very well, they know how much I like to eat and eating time will always be my favorite time of the day🙈🙈. There's a big difference between what I'm used to eating at home and what I eat here.

One thing that I'm sure is I have been exposed to different dishes from different countries. It's very easy to say this is not what I'm used to eating, back in my country but whats the funny about it.  Maybe it is all about coming out of your comfort zone and explore more. When I'm back in Tanzania I don't want to look back and think "maybe I could have eaten that" 😂

Culture is one of the factors that influence our eating habits because I remember when I first arrived in Norway. It was evening time and they gave me bread, I couldn't believe my eyes 😲 because it's not something I expected.

There are so many foods when I first saw the…

Let's run the race together

I was reading a book titled Growing leaders by James Lawrence which reflects on leadership, life, and Jesus. In this book, there are a lot of stories to reflect on but there is one story that caught my attention and I thought about sharing it here.

"There were two men lined up on the starting grid since all other competitors had dropped out. The gun went off. The two men, both with cerebral palsy, lurched off the line. One of the coaches ran beside the track, coaxing his athlete on 'come on, Joey, you can win' at the first corner Joey was leading by 25 meters. A subtle chant came from the crowd: 'Joey, Joey, Joey' going into the last turn, Joey's lead had stretched to 40 meters. The other competitor was weary and losing heart. 25 meters from the finish, Joey suddenly stopped and he turned to his coach and smiled, acknowledged the crowd, and then turned back to the other young man and said, 'come on, buddy'. Joey held out his hand until the man was along…

Mindball Game

Every time I think I have seen everything in Norway, I find something else that surprises me again. Today we had a school trip to a place called Sandnes. We went to visit Abel`s sketchbook, the museum for hands-on experience in maths, science, and technology.  In this museum, there are all kinds of games that test your skills by taking part in various experiments. Some of the skills that can be tested are how calm and relaxed you can be, your balance and how fast you can react. Mindball game was one of the games I played and really enjoyed because I competed with a lot of people and won every time. In mindball game, you have to move the ball with your mind. I don't know how I became so good in this game because my mind is always busy thinking about everything going on with me but the good thing is now I know what I'm good at🤣🤣🤣🤣.  These games reminded me how science is amazing and the world is moving so fast.

It was very refreshing to see how arts meets science and techno…

Planning about next week..

Working at the Lundheim Folk school has given me an opportunity to explore more of Norwegian culture and I have learned a lot. There are a lot of small things they do that contribute to the success of their everyday life.
One thing that I find really interesting and useful is how they plan everything in advance. They plan everything in detail for next week in such a way that before the week starts you know everything you are supposed to do.
How good it feels knowing what tomorrow will look like!!! I think it is good to adopt this strategy in our daily life. You can start by buying a manual to-do list notebook and plan how you want to carry out your tasks the next day.
If you are consistent with this you might find after a few months you are able to set goals for each month or year. The aim is to plan your tasks by prioritizing important ones that lead to achieving your goals.
I have found quotes about planning that will support this strategy, I will write them below for you to think …

The Christmas Season.

Christmas season is one of the holidays that people look forward to it for the whole year. This was my first time celebrating Christmas outside my country and I'm glad it happened because I will never look at Christmas the same again. From late November, it started feeling like Christmas and I have been feeling Christmassy for a long long time till early January.

Most of us are used to celebrate Christmas on 25th December but here in Norway they celebrate on 24th December but from my experience, I think we have celebrated Christmas the whole of December. They have so many traditions for the Christmas season I'm going to try to explain some.
Advent calendar It is a special calendar used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. Small gifts are given on each day of December leading to Christmas so you open gifts every day.
Dancing around the tree Dancing around the Christmas tree, here the family hold hands and dance around the Christmas tree while singing carols.

First time skiing!

On 17th December 2019, I went skiing in a place called Bortelid located in the vest-Agder county, Norway. It was my first time and everything inside me was very excited about what it will be so I had to watch youtube tutorial videos the night before to get an insight into what I'm going to do because I had so so many questions like how will I get up with those shoes on my legs? is there a good way to fall? and so many others. while watching skiing for beginners videos, I saw comments about how people broke their legs and shoulders so you can imagine how scared I was.

But when I reached Bortelid all my questions and fears disappeared because it was so beautiful in such a way no amount of pictures could capture its beautifulness. Everything was covered with snow from trees to water bodies.

By the end of the day, I learned a few tricks about skiing and fell so many times that I lost count but it was the best experience because just being surrounded by that stillness of the snow was e…

Why Norway is a wealthy country?

During the infield, we had a class about ¨why Norway is a wealthy country? ¨ and it was interesting because that’s when you start questioning yourself what the real definition of wealthy and what should a country have to be wealthy. If we look in terms of laughter, bonding and smiles then our home countries are richer than Norway. The lecturer Enlighted us about the reasons why Norway is as it is today with good roads, hospitals, education system, justice system, gender equality, and so many things that the developed countries have. The reasons are;  Geography; strategic position close to Britain. This has helped them in a better way. From raw material supplier to the production of manufactured goods. Example like making paper from the timber industry. When British started an industrial revolution Norway started too.Hydro-electric power from the waterfalls from about 1900.Oil and Gas from 1969.Education, because of education people could speak for themselves in case of injustice. Durin…